The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce announces that Devon Energy has established a corporate sponsorship of the Junior Chamber of Commerce to further enhance the program for grades 8th thru 12th for Shelby County schools.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce was established in 1996 with 30 students and the program has grown to include 234 students in 2010. Students must have an 85 or higher GPA to make an annual application and agree to volunteer community service hours. As a junior in high school with two years prior service, a student may apply to become a Young Ambassador.

Devon Energy believes in building for the future by investing in youth and education. Devon will be the presenting sponsor for the Junior Chamber Leadership Conference to be held twice each year and the Leaders of Tomorrow program. Young Ambassadors entering the 11th grade will have the opportunity to make application to enter into a study of Shelby County with focus on history, health care, county government, agriculture, economic development and quality of life. Students will also receive leadership enrichment training.

“The Chamber welcomes Devon Energy as they partner to enrich one of the important programs of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce,” commented Chamber President, Stephen Shires. Harold Hawkins of Devon Energy addressed the students at the Soaring to Success Conference recently.

Devon Energy is one of the nation’s largest independent natural gas and oil producers, as well as the largest natural gas producer in Texas. Devon’s roots can be traced deep in the heart of Texas, where they have operated for almost four decades. In Texas, Devon owns leases in 208 counties, has more than 3.2 million gross acres under lease and owns and operates more than 3,900 miles of pipeline. In east Texas, Devon produces natural gas from the Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, Pettit and Bossier formations.

Devon’s long-standing presence in east Texas has allowed them to build a significant lease position in the Haynesville Shale, an emerging shale play that shows promise as a major new source of natural gas for the nation.

Devon is proud of the tremendous economic impact its activity has had on the state; however, the company is conscious of the responsibilities that come with developing the state's natural gas and oil resources. That is why Devon continues to focus on its commitment to being a good neighbor and always doing the right thing -- qualities that are the foundation of the company’s corporate values and beliefs.

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