According to a Center Police Department release, on Wednesday, May 19th, Maurice Richard, a Postal Carrier for the U.S. Post Office was arrested and charged with credit card abuse. This arrest was the result of a joint investigation through the Center Police Department, the U. S. Post Office, and the Office of Inspector General.
The investigation was initiated after a citizen reported a gift card that was mailed to her had been stolen. The victim stated that she never received the gift card, and after a call to the issuing company she found that the card had been used in Center.
Detective Faulkner of the Center Police Department investigated the case and was able to obtain evidence that the card was used by postal employee Maurice Richard. Detective Faulkner informed the USPS of the incident and received their full cooperation and assistance in the case. Federal Charges may be filed pending the outcome of the investigation from the Office of Inspector General.

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